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Order Management Done Right

Order Management begins and ends with the customer experience. Svayantra’s Retail Solutions take care of the digital lifecycle of your orders so you can focus on delivering the best products and experiences to your customers.

We have the industry know-how and the technical expertise to ensure you get outstanding value, utility and cost savings from your OMS. We set up your IBM Sterling, Oracle or SAP OMS to be robust, scalable, adaptable, compliant and secure.


Our Services

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IBM Sterling, Oracle and SAP are among the industry leaders in Order Management Systems, powering the order management and fulfilment processes of many of the world’s greatest companies.

Our experts have helped several organizations like yours implement and optimise these solutions for their needs. We collaborate with your team to implement the right OMS for your business to compete in a hyper-connected, ever-changing, fiercely competitive market.

And we’ll do it better, faster, and at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

We combine deep industry expertise, a passion for business process optimization, and the solid technology skills with the power of the leading OMS solutions to give your business the edge.

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The more systems and software you use to manage your operations, the greater the complexity, the higher the odds of errors, and the less time to focus on your Number 1 Priority: your customers.

Omni-channel order processes are essential to integrate new and existing sales channels and orchestrate customer orders smoothly. We integrate product catalogues, orders, inventory and other data across your order lifecycle to help you delight your customers and deliver great experiences, every time.

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We understand how critical it is for your business to have on-time, responsive and practical OMS support.

That’s why we provide top-quality, personalised support services for IBM Sterling, Oracle and SAP Order Management Systems. Our skilled, experienced team has a solid track record of success in coordinating and resolving issues, implementing fixes and upgrades, and exceeding the typical support levels of most offshore or OEM service providers.

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Our expert team helps your employees get up to speed with all the components of your OMS. Whether you’re starting from scratch, need a refresher or want to focus on specific topics and modules, we’re here to help!

Whether you’re using IBM Sterling, Oracle, or SAP as your OMS, we provide step-by-step guidance to get your team up and running as quickly as possible.

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Our team are experts in implementing all popular Order Managment Solutions

We will help you design the best strategy and roadmap for a secure, repeatable and scalable path.


B2C Order Management

Delight customers with B2C order management to deliver multi-channel fulfillment options

Personalised order management that wows customers and keeps them coming back.

B2C customers expect fast, safe, reliable delivery with myriad options to make changes and set delivery preferences most convenient. Sophisticated B2C order management platforms are vital to guarantee every single customer experience is a great one.

B2B Order Management

Enhance your enterprise resource planning with B2B Order Management


Streamline your end-to-end order management to drive higher sales and revenue

Today’s business buyers expect ease, convenience and an experience as unique as their B2C counterparts. Optimize your order management process from quote to fulfilment both online and offline, with a unified, streamlined, process-driven, and responsive OMS to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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