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Cloud Solutions

Computing without boundaries.

Transform your digital operations with our best-in-class Cloud Computing solutions. We deliver effective, reliable cloud solutions that enable your business to improve productivity, lower costs, go to market faster and stay ahead of the competition.

With proven expertise in AWS and Microsoft Azure, our deep knowledge and extensive experience in assessing, planning, deploying and optimizing Cloud Computing solutions make us the perfect partner for your sky-high Cloud goals.

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Our Services

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Hosting on the Cloud

We partner with AWS and Microsoft Azure to deliver best-in-class public Cloud hosting services that are flexible, reliable, scalable and cost-effective, with a range of pricing models to suit your business needs.

Our approach enables your business to become more agile and stay secure without disrupting your business operations.


Migrating to the Cloud

Cloud Computing isn’t the next big thing any more – it’s the norm. Is your business ready to reduce physical resource requirements, save on costs and improve productivity? Our experienced consultants are here to help you get up and running in the AWS and Microsoft Azure Clouds with the minimum of disruption and the maximum of value.

We work with you to understand the right approach: public, private or a hybrid. We develop a detailed, systematic plan that accounts for the migration of your digital infrastructure, platforms, databases and applications in a phased manner.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Clouds orchestrate between public and on-premise Cloud services, depending on the operations being performed, their sensitivity and urgency. By using a Hybrid Cloud, your business can simplify application deployment, stay agile, improve process efficiency and save on capital expenditure.

You want the best of both worlds – public and private. We understand! And with trustworthy network connectivity to enable the public and private Cloud to interact, we’ll build you a Hybrid solution that’s perfect for your business.

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Cloud Training

Stay ahead of cloudy thinking with Cloud Computing training from the experts at Svayantra!

We deliver engaging, informative, interactive and memorable training experiences on AWS and Microsoft Azure that enable you to navigate the world of Cloud Computing with confidence. Our hands-on approach lets you explore, try, play and learn without apprehension.

Whether you’re looking for a conceptual introduction as a first step to taking the big leap into the Cloud, or you want your employees to get comfortable with your organization’s new Cloud solution, our training services are carefully curated to give your teams the right tools to take flight.

Cloud Services



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