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Enterprise Asset Management

Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability in a single platform.


Get the most value from your enterprise assets with Enterprise Asset Application Suite. It's a single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT, and analytics to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs.


With market-leading technology from IBM Enterprise Asset, you'll have access to configurable CMMS, EAM, and APM applications, along with streamlined installation and administration, plus a better user experience with shared data and workflows.


Benefits of choosing our services

We strive to provide our clients with numerous benefits, including advantages in cost, perks in service, gains in efficiency, and rewards in satisfaction.

Simplify Deployment

Scale up as your business needs change by easily installing additional applications.

Deploy on any cloud

Operate on premises or on any cloud using the Red Hat OpenShift run-anywhere module.

Streamline and unify operations

A single integrated platform provides a comprehensive view of assets across the enterprise.

Pay for only what you use

Employees have full entitlement to the suite, but you only pay when they actually use it.

Control complex environments

Advanced analytics deliver greater insights so you can take the best actions to optimize assets.

Boost resilience and reliability

AI monitoring facilitates condition-based maintenance that can resolve issues before they happen.

EAM Sevies

Features of Enterprise Asset Management

Our diverse range of features are designed to enhance your operational efficiency and productivity, giving you a competitive edge.


By leveraging AI and analytics, Svayantra helps our clients manage and maintain high-value assets to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles, and reduce downtime and costs.


Svayantra provides advanced, enterprise-scale AI-powered remote asset monitoring and computer vision capabilities, empowering leaders to drive digital reinvention.


Improve asset reliability and move beyond time schedules by leveraging operational data and analytics for maintenance planning with Svayantra. Our services utilize insights from sensors and other sources to create accurate and effective maintenance plans.


Svayantra's AI-powered assistance enables the delivery of the right asset operational data and step-by-step guidance to technologies, precisely when and where they need it.


With Svayantra's intelligent computer vision capabilities for automated inspection, our clients can increase productivity, identify production defects faster, and gain valuable operational insights.


By partnering with IBM for products and services, clients gain access to the strength, experience, expertise, and reliability of a globally recognized leader in IT security and privacy.

Industries we provide support to

Deliver safe, uninterrupted service

Create efficient, reliable, sustainable utility operations. Learn how you can calculate potential impacts to the grid, monitor asset health, anticipate failures and better plan maintenance procedures.

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Our team are experts in implementing all popular Supply Chain Managment Solutions

We will help you design the best strategy and roadmap for a secure, repeatable and scalable path.


Our services for Enterprise Asset Management

Managed Services for your Enterprise Assets

Our team of consultants collaborates closely with you to identify potential areas for improvement. By examining maintenance, IT, and business process best practices, we engage with projects at every level of the system and business hierarchy to deliver integrated management systems that address all stages of the facilities and asset lifecycle.

We achieve this by developing reporting and corrective action structures, analytics, workflow, risk management, and review processes, integrating processes across the entire organization.

System Implementation and Upgrade Services

To ensure a successful and cost-effective system implementation with effective knowledge transfer, we follow a phased approach that begins with system analysis and design, followed by system configuration, system testing, user training, system rollout, and post-rollout support.

The critical steps involved in delivering a successful implementation and knowledge transfer include reviewing the current "as is" process and developing the "to be" processes, mapping associated requirements, conducting gap analysis, and providing options analysis for any identified functionality gaps. This includes process workarounds, configuration modifications, and customization. We also develop workflows to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

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Business Analysis, Process Re-Engineering and Optimization

Our team of Maximo® professional consultants is dedicated to optimizing your processes by reducing time and resource waste, as well as eliminating unnecessary costs, bottlenecks, and errors while achieving your process objectives.

We specialize in a variety of areas, including assessing your current asset and maintenance management processes, facilitating asset and maintenance management process re-engineering workshops, and leading asset and maintenance management system design workshops. Additionally, we provide comprehensive project and system documentation, including business process systems and functional and business specifications, to ensure a successful implementation.

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Training Services

Svayantra has been providing top-notch training services since 1996 and is recognized as the "Maximo Institution" in the Middle East. We offer a variety of training options, including standard Maximo® courses, as well as customized services for developing training material and on-site training and workshops.

Our training services are tailored to meet each client's specific needs and can include:

  • System Administrator Training

  • IBM Maximo® Immersion Training

  • IBM Maximo® Assets & Work Management

  • IBM Maximo® Inventory Management

  • IBM Maximo® Purchasing and Contracts Management

  • IBM Maximo® Workflow Training

  • Birt Reporting Training

  • IBM Maximo® Mobility Trainings 

  • Application Designer Training

  • Maximo® Integration Framework Training

  • Role Based Functional Training

  • IBM Tririga® Training

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After Sales Support & Software Maintenance Services

Choosing a company that offers regional coverage and support has many benefits, including the assurance that we're available whenever you need us. At Svayantra, we offer standard annual software maintenance and support agreements to each of our clients, as well as the ability to quickly respond to problems.

We provide local support via telephone or email for clients who require it, while international support requests can be submitted via email or online through their web browser. Our response time is typically the same day, and we strive to provide a solution for critical bugs as quickly as possible. For less critical issues, the solution will be included in the next patch.

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